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Shrimp, Scampi, Scallops and Squid - Seafood Mixed Pack, 13 lbs

Our Seafood "S" Pack contains 13 lbs of shrimp, scampi, scallops and squid rings.

Our shrimp are peeled, deveined and tail on. These raw shrimp are large and delicious!  2 x 2 lb bags.

The scampi tails are butterfly cut and ready to cook. 1 lb bag (about 28 scampi)

Scallops come in 2 sizes - large 20/30 in a 1 lb bag (about 25 scallops) and smaller 80/120 in a 5 lb bag (about 500 scallops) great for adding to pasta dishes.

The squid rings come in a 2 lb bag. They are 100% cleaned and wild sourced. Add your favourite breading for a great appetizer.

Each Mixed Pack Contains:
Squid Rings - 2 lb bag
Scallops 20/30 - 1 lb bag
Scallops 80/120 - 5 lb bag
Raw Shrimp Tail On 13/15 - 2 lb bag
Raw Shrimp Tail On 8/12 - 2 lb bag
Scampi Tails Split 26/30 - 1 lb bag
Total 13 lbs

Ships frozen

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