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What is a Turducken?

Why does it cost more than a turkey?

Where can i buy an Echelon Foods turducken?

Can I make gravy with my Turducken drippings?

Can I deep fry my Turducken?

Can I get your turducken served at my special occasion (wedding, banquet, event)? Can I buy larger quantities for Christmas parties or as a special gift item?

How do I know how long to cook my Turducken?

Are your Turduckens Gluten Free?

The Chicken Apple Turducken says 'sausage meat' on the label - does it contain pork?

Can I cook my Turducken from a frozen state?

Why does my Turducken take so long to defrost in the fridge?

Can I eat the twine/string?

What is the best way to carve up my Turducken?

I'm not the world's greatest chef - will I be able to cook a Turducken?

What can I do with my leftovers? Can I eat it cold?

What should I serve with my Turducken?