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Banzai - Thaw & Serve Sushi - Canada - California Roll ( 12 Boxes )

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This traditional sushi favourite features imitation crab and avocado.  Simple thaw and serve convenience for that last minute lunch or dinner you need to pack.  Ideal for school or the office.  All our sushi is made with wild caught Alaskan pollock and authentic Japanese sushi rice grown in the sunny valleys of California.


  • Best quality sushi
  • Each box contains 15 pieces, soy sauce and wasabi
  • Made with Wild Alaskan Pollock
  • Total 327 g per box
  • 12 boxes (3.924 kg = 8.65 lbs) per case
  • Simple to prepare - thaw and serve
  • Frozen product shipped in dry ice

Within the box you may find dry ice.  Always handle dry ice with care and use a protective cloth or leather gloves whenever touching it.  An oven mitt or towel will work.  If touched briefly it is harmless, but prolonged contact with the skin will cause injury similar to a burn.  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.


Cold Water Quick Thaw Method:
Submerge sealed tray in cold water for 30 to 45 minutes until tender to touch.  Remove from packaging and enjoy.

Refrigerator Method:
Refrigerate frozen package for 6-7 hours before serving.  Overnight thawing not recommended.

Microwave Method:
Remove 4 to 6 pieces from the tray and place on a microwave safe plate.  Microwave on high for 20 seconds.  Turn pieces over and microwave on high for another 20 seconds.  If pieces are still partially frozen, continue microwaving on high in 15 second increments.  Let pieces rest for 2 minutes.  Rice should be slightly warm and center should be tender to the touch.

For best results consume immediately after thawing.  Use within 48 hours of thawing as long as kept refrigerated.  Do not refreeze thawed sushi.

Shipping & Terms:
Standard shipping via UPS Ground will be added at checkout.  Because of the perishable nature of this product we do not ship over weekends.  The estimated delivery time will be approximately 4-7 business days from the time of order.  Order received Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will not ship until the following Monday.

Delivery is not available on National Holidays.

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