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Premium Fish Portions Mixed Pack - 18 x 6 oz vacuum-packed portions

These are 6 oz portions of premium fish species in individually vacuum packed 6 oz portions. All Ocean Wise certified for sustainability.

Halibut portions - 6 x 6 oz, skin off
Sockeye Salmon portions - 6 x 6 oz, skin on
Black Cod portions - 6 x 6 to 7 oz, skin on
Total 18 portions
Approximately 7 lbs
Ships frozen

There is a reason they call Pacific halibut ‘the king of fish and chips’. Its white flaky meat is second to none. The big flake, firm texture and mild flavour make halibut very versatile in the kitchen. Perfect for the grill or sautéeing. Boneless and skinless portions.

Sockeye Salmon:
These delicious salmon portions are perfect for the grill or oven. Sustainably wild caught and Ocean Wise certified, and always a family favourite.

Black Cod:
Also known as Sablefish, Black Cod is renowned for its white and fatty meat and savoured for its velvety texture and buttery flavour. It's also one of the fish with the highest levels of heart-healthy Omega 3s.

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