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September 09, 2015

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Customer Feedback

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"It was much easier to prepare and serve than a traditional turkey. Pre stuffed, and oven ready really cut down on my prep time. I used the slow oven method so I didn't do any basting until I took the aluminum 'tent' off - then I just brushed it with melted butter to brown it a bit more. 'Carving' was simple - again we followed the directions on the website and the presentation was perfect. It was such a success they were all asking if I would do the same Turducken next year!"

Susan - Freeland, WA


"I couldn't resist so I went to the store and bought your Turducken -- full bird. I will never cook the traditional turkey again. It was the best food experience at home and I have been cooking dinner every night for forty years. I always buy our grown six kids their own birds for Christmas dinner and this year we will all be in Turducken heaven. Thanks."

Michal-Anne, Ladner, B.C.


"Showed up to the BBQ with a box of the Gourmet Turducken patties - instant hero, lol.  People had to 'rock, paper, scissors for them'. Next time I'll bring more ;)"

Spencer, Calgary, AB


"The Turducken patties were way juicier and tastier than the turkey patties I usually eat.  Big hit with my kids too."

Ona, Rossland BC


"We had 9 people in for supper, an "Old Christmas" meal celebration. There was so much meat we could have had another 9 people! It was delicious and I would do it again. There was no comparison to a traditional turkey supper. The gravy was delicious as was the combination of meat. Very moist.  Enjoyed by all"

Allison, Riverview, NB


"We had 10 people over for Thanksgiving and The Original Turducken was a huge hit. The meat inside was nice and juicy and everyone loved the fact that it was all meat and each slice had some of each kind of bird in it. "

Brian and Kim, Douglasville, GA


"I was hesitant at first to try an Original Turducken, but once I realized how easy to cook and serve it is, I haven't looked at a turkey since.  Very juicy, moist, and tasty - it's definitely the best part of our holiday meal."


"Everyone that was over for dinner loved it and commented on how good the stuffing and seasoning was. You should also know that the kids enjoyed it and ate it all up. Usually at Thanksgiving I cannot get them to eat just plain old turkey"

Jennifer, Temple, GA


"This was my first turducken, served for a special family occasion.The absolute best flavoured turkey I have ever had - hands down. All raved about the stuffing as well."

Diane, North Vancouver


"The verdict on the Turducken from my family and my wife's family was that it was excellent.  Really tasty and the long, low heat cooking left it very juicy.  There was no toughness anywhere in the meat.  Thank you once again for helping to deliver the Turducken in time for us to enjoy it for the Grey Cup!  We will certainly try another in the future."

Doug, Calgary


"We were very pleased with our turducken, it was easy to prepare and we loved it!  It took out so much work and was delicious, moist, and flavourful.  There was no waste and it was easy to slice, we would have it another year again.  Fed 11 people with leftovers!"

Virginia, Calgary


"We had Turducken at the location I went to. It was probably the best pile of meat I ever had. It was the juiciest bird I have had in a while."

Jason, Calgary


"Thumbs way up!  Turducken was a huge hit. Even the guests we had that are 'traditional thanksgiving turkey only people' loved it. It was super moist and had great flavour! Good job!!!"

Leah, Calgary


" I highly recommend "The Original Turducken" to anyone. My aunt cooked a turducken this past Thanksgiving. I had never heard of one before so I was intrigued, despite the fact that I am not much of a meat-eater. However, I was astonished at how good the turducken was, and how easy it was to prepare. There was enough meat to serve double the number of people at our Thanksgiving table. But the turducken was so good, we could not stop eating it and we polished it off in one sitting. I am definitely a convert to eating meat now, especially if it is a turducken."

Shelley, Burnaby


"Our family truly enjoyed our Original Turducken this year!  It was very easy to prepare and carve plus our kids thought it was a very “cool” alternative to a traditional Turkey.  The combination of flavours was delicious… this will definitely become a Thanksgiving Tradition for years to come in our family."

Bruce, Calgary


"I tried the Turducken for the first time at a friend's holiday party, and it was definitely a hit! We couldn't stop talking about how the flavour of each bite melted into our mouths. We all agreed this would become a new holiday tradition. It was such a great party that I'm planning on having my own Turducken party this spring."

Hal, Calgary


If you have any feedback we would love to hear! Please email us