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May 29, 2014

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How to read a Nutrition Panel (Canada)

One question we receive is how to interpret the nutrition panel on our products.

Here’s the nutrition panel from our new (soon to be released) 4-Pack Turducken Burger Patties. This is what it shows:

The portion or serving size: This is how big the serving size is that the numbers in the rest of the nutrition panel are based on. In this case it refers to 1 burger/patty (no bun or condiments, just the patty) and the weight of the burger patty (113 g)

Calories: Provides data on calories (168 per burger patty) so you can track the amount of calories you are consuming.

% Daily Value – this is based on the published Food Guide standards for the amount of the nutrient, vitamin or element recommended for 1 day.

Fat: Using fat as an example, the  top line shows the total fat figure. 6 g is the weight of the fat in each patty and it represents 9% of the recommended daily fat intake for an average size person.  The 6 g means this burger is 95% lean, 5% fat. This is considered extra lean. Compare this to a standard beef burger that is typically 20% to 30% fat depending on the product and cut (which would equal 21 to 42 g of fat in a same size 113 g (4 oz or 1/4 lb) burger).

It also shows the breakdown of the fat types (saturated fats and trans fats)  in grams. The % of Saturated Fat per patty is 2 g (8% of recommended daily intake) and the amount of trans fat  is 0 g. Again this is very low compared to beef and other burgers.

Cholesterol: This is shown in weight (in this case 68 milligrams per burger).

Sodium: One patty contains 424 mg (milligrams) of Sodium (salt) which is 18% of recommended daily intake.  Generally you want to control the amount of added salt in your diet.

Carbohydrates: These are shown with the total weight and % Daily Value (9 g or 3% of daily recommended amount). This is then broken down to the amount of the carbohydrates that are fibre (2 of the 9 g) and sugars (2 of the 9 g). Generally you want to lower sugars in your diet, and add fibre .

Protein: Each patty has 19 g of protein so you can track protein intake as well. Turducken Burgers are a very good protein source. 

Vitamins: These are shown as the % Daily requirement of some common vitamins Eg. 2% of recommended Vitamin A and Calcium, 12% of recommended Iron in each patty.

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For more details please see the attached link from the Health Canada website:

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