Our Echelon Foods™ Turducken offerings are tasty beasts.

Our Full Turduckens are boneless, skinless duck and chicken breasts layered between Italian or Chicken Apple Sausage stuffing into a whole turkey (which is also deboned except for the wings and drumsticks).

Our Bacon Wrapped Turducken Roasts are a slight variation of our full bird for when you want all the flavour, but absolutely no bones.  Duck and Chicken breasts are wrapped up with Italian sausage stuffing into de-boned turkey thigh meat.  All of this is wrapped in bacon.  The result is a totally boneless turducken feast.

5 kg Turducken: Serves 12 - 15 Adults

3 kg Turducken Roast: Serves 10 - 12 Adults

1.5 kg Turducken Roast: Serves 4 - 6 Adults